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All Recently Added Used Machine Tools By Type
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ManufacturerModelYearMachine IDType MachineControlConditionU / PShortSpecsPhotosList
FanucRobodrill A-T14iA200016100DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNCFanuc 16iMAGoodYes Yes2000 Fanuc Robodrill A-T14iA Fanuc 16iMA
FanucRobodrill A-T21iE200616121DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNCFanuc 16iMBGoodYes Yes2006 Fanuc Robodrill A-T21iE Fanuc 16iMB
DaewooLynx-210 A200416097LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKERFanuc iGoodYes Yes2004 Daewoo Lynx-210 A Fanuc i
DaewooLynx-220 A200616106LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKERFanuc IVery GoodYes20.08" Swing, 11.42" SOC, 6,000 RPM, 1.75 Bar Cap., 20 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 6" 3-Jaw Chuck, RS-232 Port, Chip Auger, Parts Catcher, More…Yes2006 Daewoo Lynx-220 A Fanuc I
DoosanPuma-480 L201216104LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALFanuc 32iAExcellentYes Yes2012 Doosan Puma-480 L Fanuc 32iA
HaasSL-30T200416098LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALHaas ControlGoodYes Yes2004 Haas SL-30T Haas Control
HaasST-20T BB201216103LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALHaas ControlExcellentYesSwing 31.75", Swing Over Cross Slide 20.75", Maximum Turning Diameter 15", Length 20.5", 2" Bar Cap., 4,000 RPM, 20 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, Tailstock, 8" 3-Jaw Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Tool Setter, Low Hours, Big Bore, More…Yes2012 Haas ST-20T BB Haas Control
HaasTL-1201516110LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALHaas ControlVery GoodYesSwing 20", Swing Over C.S.11", Maximum Turning Diameter 16", Maximum Turning Length 30", Royal 5C Pneumatic Chuck, Quick-Change Tool Post, MoreYes2015 Haas TL-1 Haas Control
HaasTL-4201116119LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALHaas ControlVery GoodYes Yes2011 Haas TL-4 Haas Control
OkumaLB-35 II BB 1SC - 1500201116105LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALOSP-P200LAVery GoodYes27.56" Swing, 18.11" Max Cut., 63" BC, 7.13" Bore, 2,2000 RPM, 50 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, Chip Conveyor, Color Control, More..Yes2011 Okuma LB-35 II BB 1SC - 1500 OSP-P200LA
DaewooPuma-240 MA200516101LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLINGFanuc 18iTAGoodYes21.65" Swing, 15.4" SOC, 11.4" Turn Dia., 32.3" Turn Length, 6,000 RPM, 1.81" Bar Cap., 15 HP, 6.5" 3- Jaw Chuck, Live Milling, More…Yes2005 Daewoo Puma-240 MA Fanuc 18iTA
DoosanPuma-2000 Y200716123LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLINGFanuc 18iTBGoodYes Yes2007 Doosan Puma-2000 Y Fanuc 18iTB
HaasST-10T Y201516096LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLINGHaas ControlExcellentYes25.25" Swing, 16.25" SOC, 6,000 RPM, 1.75 Bar Cap., 15 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 6.5" 3-Jaw Chuck, Tailstock, USB Port, Chip Conveyor, Spindle Orientation, Live Milling, More....Yes2015 Haas ST-10T Y Haas Control
DoosanPuma-2100 SY201116122LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEFanuc 31iAVery GoodYes Yes2011 Doosan Puma-2100 SY Fanuc 31iA
Nakamura-TomeWY-100201516109LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEFanuc 31iAExcellentYesSwing 9.6", Swing Over C.S. 7.6", Maximum Turning Diameter 6.89", Length 23.15", Y-Axis, 5,000 RPM, 15 HP, 2 - 12 Sta. Turrets, Sub Spindle, Full C-Axis, ATS Collet Chuck Main and Sub Spindle, Chip Conveyor, More..Yes2015 Nakamura-Tome WY-100 Fanuc 31iA
JohnfordDMC-2100 S200516091MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNCFanuc OiMCVery GoodYes86.6" x 43.3" Table, 80.7" x 51.2" x 31.5" Travels, 15,,000 RPM, 100 HSK Taper, 15 HP, 24 ATC, Chip Auger, Rigid Tapping, Coolant Through Spindle, Two (2) Speed Geared Head, More..Yes2005 Johnford DMC-2100 S Fanuc OiMC
DaewooDHM-400200016108MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCFanuc 16MGoodYes Yes2000 Daewoo DHM-400 Fanuc 16M
DaewooDHP-400200416120MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCFanuc 16iMVery GoodYes Yes2004 Daewoo DHP-400 Fanuc 16iM
MazakHCN-6000 II200716093MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCMazatrol MatrixVery GoodYes Yes2007 Mazak HCN-6000 II Mazatrol Matrix
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG200616095MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCFanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes Yes2006 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Fanuc 18iMB
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG200916094MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCMori-Seiki MSX-701 IIIVery GoodYes Yes2009 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701 III
NiigataHN-63C199816115MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCFanuc 16iMGoodYes Yes1998 Niigata HN-63C Fanuc 16iM
DoosanMynx-6500 - 50201116092MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCFanuc IVery GoodYes Yes2011 Doosan Mynx-6500 - 50 Fanuc I
HaasMini-Mill200416117MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes28.75" x 12" Table, 16" x 12" x 10" Travels, 6,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 10 ATC, RS-232 Port, Rigid Tapping, More..Yes2004 Haas Mini-Mill Haas Control
HaasMini-Mill200116116MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlGoodYes28.75" x 12" Table, 16" x 12" x 10" Travels, 6,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 10 ATC, RS-232 Port, Rigid Tapping, More..Yes2001 Haas Mini-Mill Haas Control
HaasSuper Mini-Mill200616118MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes36" x 12" Table, 16" x 12" x 10" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 10 ATC, RS-232 Port, Rigid Tapping, More..Yes2006 Haas Super Mini-Mill Haas Control
HaasVF-2 SS201516099MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlExcellentYes Yes2015 Haas VF-2 SS Haas Control
HaasVF-3 YT - 50200616111MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlGoodYes Yes2006 Haas VF-3 YT - 50 Haas Control
HaasVF-6-40199816107MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlGoodYes Yes1998 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control
HaasVF-6-50 TR201216114MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlGoodYes12.2" Built-In Trunnion TableTable, 64" x 32" x 30" Travels, 7,500 RPM, 50 Taper, 30 HP, 30 ATC, Chip Auger, Rigid Tapping, Haas TR-310 4th & 5th Axis Tilting Rotary Table, More…Yes2012 Haas VF-6-50 TR Haas Control
HaasVF-7-40200716113MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes Yes2007 Haas VF-7-40 Haas Control