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Machine IDYearManufacturerModelControlType LatheSwingCentersRPMBar Cap.ThreadingList
157671969American PacemakerHeavy Duty LATHES, ENGINE39.75"48"7502.875"  
157191982BroadbentBL16HSK LATHES, ENGINE34"120"35016 3/8"Yes 
14768 HarrisonM500 LATHES, ENGINE21"80"1,6003.125"Yes 
16176 Hercules41" x 157" LATHES, ENGINE41"157"4006.125"Yes41" Swing, 28.5 SOC, Swing in Gap 53", 157" Centers, 1,250 RPM, 30 HP, Threading, 24" 3-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, Follow Rest, More.
157571957Leblond25 HD LATHES, ENGINE32"96" - 156"1203.125"Yes 
157591966Leblond25 HD 3220 LATHES, ENGINE36"72"8502"  
125791967Leblond2013 / 46 LATHES, ENGINE28"120"1,0002"Yes 
167241994LeblondRegal Servo-Shift LATHES, ENGINE15.5"54"1,800YesYesSwing Over Bed 15.5", Swing Over Saddle 9.5", Maximum Turning Length 54", 1,800 RPM, 7.55 HP, Tailstock, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, Inch / Metric Threading, Servo Shift Controls, Tool Post
146161952Monarch25N LATHES, ENGINE36.5"216"4052.2"Yes 
146161952Monarch25N LATHES, ENGINE33.5"72"4052.2Yes 
1679319??Mori-SeikiMR-2000 LATHES, ENGINE21"80"1,3502.625"Yes 
16644 MSZEE-800-02 LATHES, ENGINE34"84"9003"Yes 
157581980PorebaTPK-80-2M LATHES, ENGINE31.50"78.75"8003.75"Yes31.50" Swing, 2.625" SOC, 78.75", Centers, 800 RPM 25 HP, 24" 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rests, Follow Rests, Power Rapid Traverse, Inch / Metric Threading, More.....
163141998PorebaTRP-93 LATHES, ENGINE36.6"157.4"9003.75"Yes36.6" Swing, 45.2" Swing In Gap, 157.4" Centers, 900 RPM, 30 HP, 4 Sta. Tool Post, 24" 4-Jaw Chuck, Two (2) Axis DRO, More.
15297 Putman108" x 391" LATHES, ENGINE108"391"60 Yes 
157601993Summit40DC LATHES, ENGINE40"80"5005.5"Yes 
165301996Summit36" x 400" LATHES, ENGINE36"400"6005.75"Yes36" Swing, 23.75" Swing Over Cross Slide, 400" Centers, 600 RPM, 30 HP, Aloris DA Quick Change Tool Holder, Acu-Rite DRO, Steady Rests, Treading
149752006Summit24-4 LATHES, ENGINE25"120"1,250YesYes 
155031974TarnowTUJ LATHES, ENGINE22"60"1,8003.5"Yes 
157482008VanguardCA-6350A LATHES, ENGINE20"78"1,6802.05"Yes